We are first and foremost internists. Our diagnostic and therapeutic skills are not limited to any organ, such as the heart. We have the broadest range of skills of any medical practitioner. That’s why we are consultants to other specialists.

Wound Care

expert wound care for non-healing woundsWe provide expert care to patients with non-healing wounds at the Easton Hospital Wound Healing Center. The center offers a comprehensive approach to wound healing not available otherwise. We became interested in wounds because we are so often involved in the treatment of diabetic foot infections and osteomyelitis. We diagnose why a wound won’t heal and we implement treatment that has a 95% success rate in 16 weeks. Our center offers consultation from highly skilled podiatrists, vascular surgeons, general surgeons, and wound care specialty nurses.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

hyperbaric oxygen treatmentCaption: Patient receiving hyperbaric oxygen treatment for a diabetic foot wound at the Easton Hospital Wound Healing Center. We provide hyperbaric oxygen treatments to heal certain wounds for which such treatment has proven beneficial. All treatments are supervised and monitored by a physician on the premises.

Ask for a wound center appointment with Dr. Kozinn or Dr. Kannangara by calling our office (610-253-7818) or the wound center directly (610-991-1480).

MRSA and Staphylococcal Infections

staphylococcal skin infectionThis patient has a swollen nose due to a staphylococcal infection. In recent years staphylococcal skin infections have become an increasing problem outside of the hospital. People present with boils and nasty skin infections, which are difficult to get rid of. Most of these infections are MRSA, which means antibiotic resistant, and they are more aggressive than other skin germs. They require specific diagnosis and treatment.

We understand how these infections are acquired and spread. We are able to cure these infections and prevent their recurrence in individuals and families.