Making an Appointment

We want your visit to fulfill your expectations and your needs!

  1. You can save time by completing your office new patient registration forms online!
    1. Call the office and provide our staff with your Email address. We will forward the needed forms, which you can prepare and return by Email to us, or bring with you on the day of your visit.
  2. No Internet access? We will mail you your new patient registration forms.
  3. Need a routine appointment?
    1. Established patient: Call the office
    2. Established patient signed up for our patient portal with user name and password? Contact us for an appointment at: You can use the link on our Web site, as well.
  4. To get the most from your visit, please bring with records relevant to your condition, including:
    1. Your medication list. Include list of supplements and neutriceuticals
    2. Recent tests and records.
    3. CT, X-ray or MRI images on disc as appropriate
    4. If you have a large record, you can drop it off or send it to us at least a week ahead of time for our review.
  5. Check out our privacy policies on line: